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The Sustainable Darkroom is an artist-led, research community that develops low-toxicity chemistries and practices in analogue photography. 

We do not have a set location; we are an international group of artists that share research and ideas in the form of publications, residencies, workshops, lectures, symposiums and exhibitions.


Executive Directors: Hannah Fletcher, Alice Cazenave & Edd Carr

Collaborators: Curiosolab, Eileen White, Anna Lukala

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The Sustainable Darkroom has worked with a number of institutions including:


V&A, London

Chappe Contemporary Art Museum, Finland

Fox Talbot's Garden, Lacock Abbey, UK

Experimental Photo Festival, Barcelona

The Photographer's Gallery, London

The Royal College of Art, London

Slade School of Art, London

University of The Arts London

The Science Gallery, Bengaluru

The Photography and Video Show, U.K

Centre for Creative Photography of Finland

Filmwerkplaats Rotterdam



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We run workshop weeks designed to teach a range of subjects and processes including:

Sustainable Thinking in Analogue Practice
Cyanotype & Botanial Toning
Plant-based Developers & Pinhole Photography
Film processing with plant-based developers
Plant-based Chemigram Printing
Waste management 

Image by @takeiteasylab



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The Sustainable Darkroom planted the first photographic garden, in Leeds UK. These are garden spaces which grow species that can be used as alternative photographic chemistries, emulsions and papers.


We consult on how to plan, grow and maintain photographic gardens across the world. We aim to support academic research and artistic practitioners interested in collaborating with plant worlds and de-toxifying analogue photographic practices.


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