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Mixed media installation


Climate & Art: Alternative Approaches

16.4- 13.9.2023

Chappe Contemporary Art Museum, Ekenäs, Finland


This installation combines sculpture, moving image and photographs made using low-toxicity chemistries. It mediates on new and positive ways to re-imagine analogue photographic methods that are ecologically friendly. 

The exhibited artworks are articulations of research undertaken by the Sustainable Darkroom. They engage with themes of recycling and de-toxifying.  Artworks include a recycled steel-based sculpture that de-toxifies waste darkroom chemistry in real time, as well as unique pinhole photographs made using plant-developers. Analogue photographic film manufacture is a toxic process - this installation explores biomaterials as alternatives to analogue film.


The installation includes moving image documentation of how the works were made, as well as a zine produced by the artists. The zine provides recipes of plant-based chemistries and photographic methods.


Zine documentation thanks to Allessandro Schneider.

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