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50cm x 50cm

Glass plate, agar-cyanotype emulsion


Uncovering traces of polluted air, light, and the microscopic world, this piece makes enquires into what a 21st century glass plate records.


As ongoing research into extractive industries associated with analogue photography, the photographic image binds to the plate using agar. This replace traditional uses of bovine gelatin in typical photographic emulsions.  ​

The piece was exposed in central London, in a building marked for multi-million pound re-development. This building had been taken over by artists as temporary studios during 2020-21. It was made during the pandemic, as central London's streets slowed, and the non-human world made itself visible to us. It sits at the centre of social, economic and microbial worlds which were thrown wildly out of balance.

Exhibited as part of WHAT ON EARTH, Koppel Projects, Piccadilly, 2021.

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