Alice Cazenave

Art & Science



2021 WHAT ON EARTH? Koppel Project, Piccadilly

2021 Fabric of Photography, Photo Oxford


TERRA NEXUS, Proposition Studios, Southbank, London


2017, Pinhole and The Art of Invention, Monty's Gallery, London

2016, Analogue Mania, Timisoara, Romania

2016, Experiencing Photography, Brighton Photo Fringe in partnership with Brighton Photo Biennial, UK

2016, Lumen, Atina, Italy

2015, CHEMCRAFT, Espacio Gallery, London

2015, Fluorescent, Soho art festival, London


2020, Experiencing Landscapes through Anthropology and Experimental Photography, London

2019, Organic Processes in Photography, Science Museum, London 

2016, Capture The Sun, Chelsea Flower Fringe, London 

2016, The Living Photograph, Second Home, London