Alice Cazenave

Art & Science


Alice Cazenave is a darkroom photographer based in London. She holds a BSc in Cellular and Molecular Medicine from the University of Bristol and graduated from Central Saint Martins MA Art & Science program in 2015, with distinction. The lab experience gained in her molecular science degree informed her work during the MA program at Central Saint Martins. In 2015 Alice developed a new photographic process using leaves as photographic paper - and was shortlisted for the Nova award in Innovative and Creative Thinking for the project.

In her practice Alice experiments with camera-less techniques and historical processes such as the photogram. She pushes to merge and revise existing divergent techniques, to develop new alternative processes in photography. Her work has been exhibited in numerous London galleries and also internationally. Her Pelargonium prints have been featured in the British Journal of Photography and The Guardian, and her most recent body of work was featured in the New York Times and an art book published by Phaidon Press.

In a world governed by digitalisation, Alice places a high level of significance in the hand-made. Her work celebrates the material photograph as something to be made, not taken. Many of her pieces are unique prints which comment on the growing disengagement with the natural world, and aim to re-establish a sense of magic and alchemy to photography, which she feels in recent times has been lost.