Alice Cazenave

Art & Science

And We Talk One On One, About The World Of Ideas And What Makes You Happy

The creation of the greenhouse-darkroom serves to communicate the intimacy of the work space and the bond an artist creates with his or her work through long hours of dedication to a project. Through the development of the Pelargonium process I established an unhealthy commitment to the leaves, scrupulously noting down exposure times and solution concentrations became a routine. The piece houses all of the contraptions involved in making the leaf portraits, as well as trays of washing photographs, light exposure set ups and chemical solutions.

The greenhouse unit functions as an insight into the undisclosed realm of conception, a hinterland and a safe place. For me the darkroom is a place of solitude, but not one of loneliness – it is where I feel most operative. The situation is comparable to that of meeting up with an old friend, where you talk for hours – the most interesting conversations, about the world of ideas and what makes you happy. This was the inspiration for the title, it was this sense of affection and enchantment that I wanted to communicate through the work.