Alice Cazenave

Art & Science

Pelargonium printing

Pelargonium printUnique print , fixed (4cm x 5cm)

These works are created through manipulation of photosynthesis, to create temporary photographs within the leaf itself. The portraits are ephemeral unless fixed with heat. They emerge slowly from the leaf, and gradually fade away again. The starch photograph lays latent in the leaf and the portraits can be re-summoned with solution washes. This element of secrecy recalls the intimacy of long days spent hoping to succeed in the formation of the image.

My practice in photography is inspired by the fundamental role light plays in creation, and this project functions as an examination into how light can be transformed into matter. The latent image reminds us of the scope of natural processes; it is part of a cyclic process which, when interrupted, can provide an offering in the form of a temporary photograph.